Breguet ref: 7787 in White Gold with Grand Feu Enamel dial

Enamelling in any medium is quite a skill and notoriously fragile hence why you see many lacquered dials in watchmaking but their enamel counterparts carry a premium. Breguet deliver some of the finest enamelling in watchmaking and the reference 7787 is a perfect example of this.

The stark porcelain white dial carried painted blued Breguet numerals and fired blue Breguet hands but it doesn’t stop there. Despite being self winding there is a power reserve indicator and moonphase, both set asymmetrically as a testament to the original Breguet pocket watches for whom these was a signature style.

The Moon-phase indicator in particular is quite striking, a blue disc carrying a golden smirking moon with the age of the phases discreetly added below the aperture. The power reserve indicator is respectively elegant and in the asymmetry, the use of negative space makes the dial a genuine talking point as it immediately asks for attention.

Delivered in a refined 39mm White or Rose Gold case with exhibition sapphire caseback showcasing the beautifully executed movement one would expect from Breguet. A point of note here is without shouting it from the rooftops, Breguet have employed the use of silicon for the balance wheel, balance clever & escapement. Silicon is both incredibly robust, does not require lubrication and vitally anti-magnetic aiming to prevent the ailments of mechanical timepieces in the modern environment. A thoroughly contemporary engine powering a deliciously detailed watch with serious intimations from a bygone era.

The barrelled case sits barely a centimetre of the wrist while straight lugs are set inwards to provide a firm fit to the wrist. At times, brands in general and Breguet is no exception can add models to a successful design but it’s safe to say the correct traits that are instantly recognisable as Breguet have been executed very well here.

Model References:

7787BB/29/9V6 – White Gold – £22,700.00
7787BR/29/9V6 – Pink Gold – £22,300.00

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