IWC’s very own galactico!

St. Exupery Le Petit Prince Split Chrono 1

There’s just something about an IWC split second Pilot’s watch. The double chronograph has been a firm staple of the IWC’s pilot’s line up for as long as I have worked with the brand. Remarkably, it has only made it into the St. Exupery collection this year. The aesthetics of the case with the extra pusher at 10 o’clock alongside the fan favourite visual set up showing the chronograph hands open as pictured below set this model apart – without going into the realms of super complication; it offers just enough play to make it interesting to both wearer & viewer while remaining a reliable & sturdy everyday watch.

St. Exupery Le Petit Prince Split Chrono 3

Getting the basics out of the way; the 44mm case, smaller than the 46mm version in the regular Pilot’s lineup, is very wearable with cuffs despite the added depth on the second chronograph module. The actual movement, purists beware, is built upon the uber reliable automatic Valjoux 7750. I don’t believe the stigma often applied to this modification on off the shelf calibres holds true here as ultimately the visual details of this watch overshadow the internal workings….& the visuals are both very IWC & beautifully done – the striking blue dial is subtle yet invoking with intersecting sub dials carrying star motifs. Finished on a soft brown calf strap with pin buckle, this watch will attract fans of IWC, the St. Exupery collection & new enthusiasts alike. (UK RRP is £9,850.00 & only one thousand examples will be made worlwide)

St. Exupery Le Petit Prince Split Chrono 2

For those not familiar with this collection; IWC have gained inspiration from author (and Pilot) Antoine de St. Exupery, who authored amongst other books “Le Petit Prince.” This famous story revolves around an alien Prince’s travels across planets meeting several individuals who are engraved on the caseback (pictured below). These days virtually every watch is inspired by or made for someone or something but more often that not, there is nothing to really set the product apart from its peers.

Here, I feel IWC have created a watch that shows a little thought has gone into the process. People may disagree but I quite enjoy the whimsicality of this extra complication! The sub dials meet in centre like a venn diagram with 7 silvered stars appearing initially purely for decorative purposes. Actually, each star represents one of the characters from the story! Every day, a different star turns golden but brilliantly not in an obvious sequence…that said, it is not completely random so the user may interpret each golden star to represent a different day of the week but in all honesty, the non consequential sequence would probably render this a little annoying! ultimately, it is quite a cool little visual if not actually practical but matches the story that inspired the watch quite nicely.

The watch is now in stock with us…please feel free to visit our Boutique & explore the entire IWC collection with us!


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