Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Unique Travel time


I’ve been in this business for just under a decade now. In that time, I’ve grown to become a fan as well as retailer but as with any interest built over time, one tends to changes his or her taste as our knowledge increases. The only watch I regret ever selling was a Reverso Grande Date; a model I will definitely track down again someday. Jaeger LeCoultre however was a name I became quickly fascinated by, as the number of complications, world firsts & genuine history under one roof was not only incredible, but it also appeared to be done with a huge sense of humility aiming to attract not only the wealthy but also those with budding collections. It is this one trait that pitches Jaeger LeCoultre firmly on par with the more elitist Brands out there while enjoying a far stronger & varied fan base.

That said, I appreciated their collections outside of the Reverso but no one model ever pulled at my heart strings. That was until the Duometre family was delivered. Removing the revolutionary dual wing technology or quite frankly breathtaking movements, the openly visible aesthetics of the collection immediately drew my attention. Somewhat bolder in terms of size, the 40mm plus case size delivered a contemporary structure to the Jaeger LeCoultre family. Typically, the watches housed clever & innovative complications – our clients salivated over the chronograph & Lunaire models; while the limited editions in yellow gold or with black dials in white gold just added that sprinkling of gold dusts that further showed Jaeger LeCoultre were in touch with their collectors wishes. I personally will eventually own the newer Lunaire model in the 41.5mm case size.


That brings us to the latest addition to the Duomatre family (outside of the Spherotourbillon but that’s a conversation for a different day!). The Unique Travel Time is for the modern man as brilliantly described by Linvingstone’s character in Oceans 12. He lives on understated luxury, obvious only to those in the know…comfortable on at least three continents & keeps his phone religiously on silent as nothing is that important. The abbreviated UTT hides it phenomenal heart under a cover of sleek minimalism with the only obvious nod towards the modern trend of visible globe trotting in the perfectly decorated globe positioned at 6. A delicate push of the buttons on the left hand side of case quickly changes the time zone to your desired location with the globe following suite.

As with the all the Duometre models, the normal time or in this case, your home time is located on the right hand dial whilst the travel time is uniquely displayed on the left hand dial via a visible minute hand & jumping hour aperture. The huge power reserve indicators are displayed as usual in retrograde fashion on the lower part of the dial. Note all Duometre models are based on two barrels powered by a dual wing facility powered by hand winding the crown in both clockwise & anti clockwise directions; not just an astounding feat of watchmaking but when seen through the huge sapphire casebacks, also a true mastery of the visual elements of watchmaking.

UTT Back Image

The Unique travel Time is a clever addition to the Duometre pillar as it clearly shows that this family will enjoy useful complications delivered in a perfectly modern style of watchmaking, both innovative & ground breaking whilst ensuring the clean style of Jaeger LeCoultre watches is not diluted. These are wearable & functional watches, made to be worn & appreciated both from up close & afar. The Master & Reverso collections will ensure every collector has a Jaeger LeCoultre of some variation but the Duometre family will turn the heads of an entirely different sort of consumer; no bad thing in my opinion.

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