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The place; the Basel Watch fair, the year; 1985. Kurt Klaus and IWC introduce the Da Vinci model and what followed can only be described as the stuff of legend.

They showcased the first Perpetual Calendar to run on a single crown without pushers. The first Perpetual Calendar that was as user friendly as it was complicated. Since then, Klaus and IWC have done nothing but innovate and astound the horological world with their Perpetual Calendar ranges. Through their symbiosis of vintage design, progressive technology and a user-friendly interface, IWC’s Perpetual Calendar complication remains an enduring collection.


Innovation and elegance are the byword of IWC’s Perpetual Calendar watches. Each with their own unique aesthetic, from the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Double Moon (as pictured above) in 18ct White Gold with a Midnight Blue dial to the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Single Moon, IWC have not set out to create one masterfully elegant watch, but many. Although, they share the same name, there are big differences and similarities between these, and other Perpetual Calendar watches.

Most of the difference lies in design, both aesthetic and structural, but the similarities are all down to one tantamount characteristic – user simplicity. With a complication as intricate as the Pellaton automatic winding system and IWC’s 51613 calibre, one would expect the set-up and upkeep of IWC’s Perpetual Calendar’s to be cumbersome. Astoundingly, it’s perfectly painless and easy; the day, month, moonphase and year are kept in perfect harmony through the crown. At least in your lifetime, these dials always will be in sync. And fear not! Delivered with IWC’s famous Pellaton 7-day power reserve system, even if the watch is off the wrist, it will stay in this intricate unison for a whole week.

Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Single Moon in 18ct Rose Gold

Delivered in a contemporary larger case, the Perpetual Calendar offers a spacious but highly informative dial. Simultaneously showing, the time, day, month, year, and position of the moon (correct to both Northern & Southern hemispheres), the dial of a Perpetual Calendar is as lucid as it is sophisticated, and it comes in a variety of metals from Platinum, Gold & now even a limited run in steel – all of IWC’s current Perpetual Calendar’s are visible here.

Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Single Moon in 18ct Rose Gold

IWC watches are special. The Manufacture as a whole is special too. But there’s something inexplicably unique about IWC’s Perpetual Calendars be it in the traditional Portuguese case or the new Digital Date incarnations. Ironically ahead of their time, in terms of case size & design; IWC have delivered an incredible & practical complication at great value for money. The term “in-house” gets banded around a lot in contemporary watchmaking with price points reflecting this alleged exclusivity. In 1868, IWC were moved to Schaffhausen by their founder Florentine Ariosto Jones to take advantage of the hydro-electric power created by the Rhine Falls. IWC’s Perpetual Calendar is not only easily recognised as the Brand’s own but also carries a number of impressive patents. IWC would be well within their right to price the range higher in today’s market but like their founder, they place great value in Good Solid Craftsmanship from Schaffhausen

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