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Every few years, the watch industry finds itself pushed in a specific direction. whether by want or will, this direction is usually dictated by a shift in the mentality of the industry. In the mid 2000’s, virtually every brand worth their salt attempted to reinvent the Tourbillon whilst there has been a huge impetus on high horology over the past few years with Independent brands leading the charge.

Now, due a monopolies commission ruling, the watch brands are being forced to manufacture more of the parts used in their movements themselves instead of purchasing them in. Very simply, the manufacturers with this capability will be able to deliver a more transparent product. The term “in-house” will have to be fulfilled in its truest form.

This primarily affects volume business where there must be value but also a large level of production. Chopard deserve great credit for identifying a solution to this potential problem and reacting not just effectively but in turn delivering an excellent addition to their famous Classic Racing collection.

GTS Power Reserve

(168566-3001 – Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Power Control – £4,290.00)

Chopard’s new factory Fleurier Ebauche was created specifically with the intent of delivering in-house movements in a more volume based production as opposed to the limited levels offered by their L.U.C. counterparts. Of course, certain areas of consideration cannot be met when thinking in such terms but Chopard have revealed an incredibly high standard of product. The first series released from this factory was 2012’s SuperFast series but 2015 has seen the addition of the Mille Miglia GTS collection.

GTS Chrono

(168571-3001 – Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Chrono – £4,800.00)

The core three models in this family are delivered in price friendly steel and despite the in-house tag line, still start from a very respectable £3,930.00. Both the automatic & power reserve versions are 43mm while the chronograph is only slightly larger at 44mm. Given the tendency to oversize sports watches these days, Chopard have maintained a dignified attitude to dimensions (ahem…919 limited edition!) that ensures this watches could be worn as easily dressed up or down. New calibres have been developed allowing for a higher frequency and also a 60 hour power reserve. The rubber straps continue to reflect the Mille Miglia lineage with the tyre thread effect but sit very well on most wrists. All the models also carry steel bracelets & a striking limited edition is made with a bright red dial!

GTS Auto

(168565-3001 – Chopard Mille Miglia GTS Automatic – £3,930.00)

My only real gripe is the potential need for more detailing to the case but that is very much nitpicking as you are given real value for money with the GTS collection. The watches feel very well made & carry enough weight for the wearer to feel they own something substantial. Chopard are quietly developing a very well balanced line of watches matching their iconic Happy Sports models with a strong selection of complication heavy pieces in the L.U.C. family.

Now, the Classic Racing pillar has been given another strong addition alongside the Grand Prix Monaco Historique to provide real substance to this solid selection of watches. The new Chopard Mille Migla GTS watches are now in stock – feel free to visit us in-store or contact us for further details.

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