Santos de Cartier

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The Santos de Cartier holds a sacred place within the Cartier mythology as it was Louis Cartier's good friend, Alberto Santos Dumont for whom Cartier's first ever wrist watch was created and in turn helping to build the foundation on which the modern watch and jewellery industry is built upon. The original Cartier Santos Galbee family is a well known and loved collection, recognised instantly with its iconic screwed bezel. In 2004, to commemorate a century of this collection, the Santos 100 de Cartier was released, an unfussy but oversized model in keeping with the modern trend for larger watches. The Santos 100 has become a staple of the modern collection given its modern design yet classic theme. Alongside this, the Santos Dumont de Cartier, a more refined and elegant collection, offered exclusively in precious metals, is perhaps a truer representation of the original style of watch created for Mr. Santos-Dumont, not to forget the descendant of the legendary Panthere de Cartier, the Santos Demoiselle de Cartier, named after Santos-Dumont's plane. Overall, it has become imperative for any true historian of horology to include a Santos deCartier in their collection given not only the collection's importance but also the fetching design.