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In the early 1970s, a diver’s helmet inspired freelance watch designer Gérald Genta to adopt a distinctly modern, technical approach that was to revolutionize watch design. Instead of trying to conceal the screws or functional bores, he left them plain for all to see on the bezel. For IWC Schaffhausen, Genta designed the legendary Ingenieur SL Reference 1832, which was launched in 1976. Its eye-catching design stood for masculine values: it was rugged and sporty with an undeniably technical appeal, and has influenced the appearance of the Ingenieur watch family to this day. The Ingenieur watch family’s success story, incidentally, began back in the 1950s. An increasing number of technical appliances generated magnetic fields that adversely affected the accuracy of wristwatches. Engineers, in particular, often worked in areas subject to magnetic fields. By this time, IWC had perfected methods of protecting against magnetic fields to the point that making a new watch line especially for this profession almost designed itself. The Ingenieur is without doubt only a handful of watches that can lay claim to being part of a paradigm shift in watchmaking design and technological innovation. The collection continues to this day with those principles at its core.