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Panerai Watches

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The Story of Panerai Watches

The founder of Panerai Watches, Italian-born Giovanni Panerai, initially set out to open a small local business that offered watch services to the public. In the city of Florence in 1860, Panerai first opened its doors to the public, posing as a watch shop and creating the city's first watchmaking school. However, several years after its debut, Panerai became involved with the Italian Royal Navy, serving as a provider of watch pieces to the crews.

Once Panerai watches started being produced for the Italian Royal Navy, the business expanded rapidly. This expansion included a big move to a location on Piazza San Giovanni, where the shop remains today. With an ever-increasing demand for new timepieces from the Navy, Panerai watches evolved quickly, testing new materials for their watch components that were new to the market. The Panerai Radiomir watches were initially manufactured using a radium-based powder, ideal for emphasising visibility underwater.

Since then, Panerai watches have continued to thrive, having even been showcased on Sylvester Stallone's wrist in his movie Daylight. Presently, Panerai has stores across the globe, including Panerai watches London store, offering high-end watches to the public. Panerai has also reformed a partnership with the sailing industry, revisiting their roots and delivering marine-friendly timepieces.

Panerai Watches Passion for the Sea

Panerai remains committed to creating a sustainable environment and healthy ocean, a factor they consider when manufacturing their watches. To further their passion for marine environments, Panerai has recently teamed up with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO to incorporate ocean literacy activities into the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development framework. This work involves educating all people about the ocean and the measures we can all take to transform into a more sustainable society.

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    11th January, 1949, a patent was approved for use by Panerai with the name "Luminor" for the self-luminescent materials used to illuminate the dials. After more than a decade, the Luminor was recognised with a new luminescent tritium-based substance

    The Luminor Due collection was inspired by the lines of the classic Luminor of the 1950’s. Slimmed down but retaining the unique profile; Italian design and Swiss watchmaking expertise joined together to renew the history of the unique brand

    The first Luminor Submersible was perfect for a diver, with a water-resistant of 300 meters and a rotating bezel to calculate the duration of the dive. This artistic piece of work was ready to be taken deep into the ocean for a wondrous adventure.

    The original Panerai design! In 1916 the Radiomir was patented and was developed by a radium-based powder which was used to make dials of instruments brighter, all to meet the military requirements of the Italian Royal Navy.


Picture of a Panerai Marina Automatic Watch

It all began in 1860 with Guido Panerai. He opened the first shop for watchmakers in Florence that also doubled as a school for burgeoning watchmakers.

A few years later, the watches were created in a more regular production but most notably two discs were layered upon one another in a "sandwich" fashion that would allow the Radium to be even more visible. The now iconic bridged crown guard is patented in 1956, around the same time Radiomir is superseded by a newer luminous element; namely, Luminor, giving birth to Panerai's second family. This next generation of timepieces uses the stronger case structure requested by the Italian Navy but now also this new crown guard system thus laying the blueprint for the iconic design we are familiar with today. The Seventies saw the brand leave the family for the first time and officially rebranded as Officine Panerai. At this point, their main business still focused on supplying the army with precision instruments including