The History of Breguet

Abraham-Louis Breguet is generally accepted as the father of modern-day watchmaking. His patents and inventions have helped lay the foundation for contemporary mechanical movements, while his flair for design and attention to detail have ensured modern watches are more than simply an instrument.

His brand began humbly in Paris and is now part of the Swatch Group with a genuine claim to being the oldest continuous running watch manufacturer. As a watchmaker, Breguet holds patents such as the tourbillon (the most complicated single improvisation in mechanical watchmaking) and the parachute system that helps protect mechanical movements from impacts.

As a designer, he is credited for the first lady's wristwatch in the now historic Reine de Naples collection. The pocket watch designed by Breguet for Queen Marie Antoinette carried the most complications of any pocket watch at the time. Although completed after her death, the watch was stolen and found in very strange circumstances – it is considered to be the most valuable pocket watch in history.

Breguet supplied watches to Napoleon, including the ‘Pendule Sympathique’, as well as to Winston Churchill. Over the years, the brand has continued to create top-quality pieces for watch enthusiasts all around the world.

Breguet: Heritage and Elegance

With such a legacy, it’s not surprising that contemporary Breguet watches are luxurious, elegant and refined – and appeal to the contemporary lady and gent who are also passionate about heritage.

The design of these watches is so iconic that you can immediately recognise the brand as soon as you see a Breguet piece. For example, one of the most distinctive features is the fluting on the caseband, a discreet decorative touch that sets them apart from other watchmakers.

This brand is also one of the most sought-after and, therefore, one of the most counterfeited too. So, when you see Breguet watches for sale, you can look for the unique, secret signature that every Breguet piece has, a countermeasure that’s been in place since 1795. Of course, if you choose to buy through an official stockist like New Cavendish Jewellers, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your new timepiece is authentic!

Some Breguet pieces also have the distinctive numerals that Abraham-Louis Breguet created, a unique style and elegant touch that make the watches even more attractive for anyone seeking function and flair.

From the courts of Europe to your wrist, you can expect fine watchmaking, stunning designs and unmatched precision when you choose Breguet, resulting in collections that have inspired many other watchmakers across the globe.

You can see many of our Breguet watches online so, if you’d like to know more about them, ask us any questions you may have. We'll be able to discuss everything about them, from their materials to their features and complications.

Timeless Breguet Watches for Ladies and Gents

The current Breguet collections consist of Breguet Classique watches, Breguet tourbillons, Breguet Marine watches, Breguet Reine de Naples watches, Breguet Tradition watches, and, also, the Breguet Type XX, XXI and XXII watches.

The sheer variety of watches offered by these collections means that there’s a piece for everyone. The fact that you can still register your timepiece with Breguet's central record-keeping department ensures that their clients are in the esteemed company of their peers and that the foundation has been laid for this brand to continue its impressive history.

You can find materials like mother-of-pearl, diamonds, gold and platinum in the many Breguet collections, perfect to match your lifestyle and personal taste. You’ll also benefit from state-of-the-art complications, such as tourbillons, day-date windows, chronographs and second-time zone indicators.

With so much variety on top of the elegance of a Breguet watch, you’ll find the perfect timepiece for your day-to-day, for a party, for a special occasion, and so much more.

We are one of only a few official stockists for Breguet in Central London – we take great pride in this relationship and look forward to helping you choose your part of history!

Breguet Watches at New Cavendish Jewellers

If you’re interested in Breguet watches and the rich history the brand offers, then you’ll be pleased to know we stock a vast range of pieces from this world-famous watchmaker. These watches have been designed to focus on performance and sophistication, so you get a highly precise timepiece that is also a fashion statement.

Wearing such elegance on your wrist is as simple as browsing our Breguet offerings and choosing your next piece – you can also get in touch with us on 020 7487 5628 or send us your enquiry to info@newcavendishjewellers.com. You can chat with us on WhatsApp as well, as you can reach us on 078 6730 7597.

Whether you’re looking to buy Breguet watches online or seek any of the other fine watches we stock at New Cavendish Jewellers, we offer an after-sales service that will help you keep your new purchase in top condition for longer. Let us know if you need a new strap, want a valuation or are interested in fully servicing your quartz or mechanical piece.

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