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The word ‘ruby’ comes from the Latin rubeus, meaning red. After all, this stone is known for its stunning red hues, which are synonymous with fire, passion and love – this makes it the perfect gem to showcase to your loved one just how much they mean to you.

Rubies have been popular for many years, having been highly prized in countries like China and Myanmar. It's believed that rubies were traded along the North Silk Road back in 200 BC, so they’ve been sought-after for centuries and will continue to be a favourite of jewellery aficionados for many more.

What Are Rubies?

This valuable gemstone is part of the sapphire family and has long since symbolised royalty, wealth and power (they've even been mentioned in the Bible). Rubies are also highly durable, as they’re a nine on the Mohs scale of hardness, allowing them to be worn for both special occasions and to complement everyday outfits.
The colour of rubies can range from a pinkish hue to what’s called ‘pigeon blood’, perhaps the rarest of colours – this also makes it the most expensive. Just like with diamond jewellery, rubies come in different carats, cuts, colours and clarities, so it’s essential that you search for the right stone for you.
Another thing to consider when it comes to rubies is that around 95% of them are heat-treated, which enhances their colours and improves their clarity. A romantic gem that’s also the birthstone for July, a month of warmth and beauty, the ruby will add a timeless and classic aesthetic to any jewellery piece.
On top of this, rubies are also the gemstones for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries, which means they’re a lovely gift for your partner, who is sure to treasure their new jewellery piece forever.

Rubies at New Cavendish Jewellers

You'll find a vast array of ruby jewellery online at New Cavendish Jewellers, and you can also pop into our store to see the pieces for yourself and try them on! We stock many ruby pendants, ruby earrings, ruby bracelets and ruby rings, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.
We can help you narrow down your options, as we have many years of experience as suppliers of ruby jewellery in London and can, therefore, advise on the best stone for your lifestyle and personal taste.
Additionally, you can rest assured that all our jewellery is made to last, and our ruby pieces are no exception. They also never go out of fashion, so your stylish ruby jewellery can be enjoyed for a lifetime and beyond. This is because we set our jewellery in platinum or 18ct white gold, rose gold and yellow gold, perfect for a classic yet modern look you’re sure to love.
Designed to make you feel like royalty, all our ruby stone jewellery is luxurious, high quality, crafted from the finest materials, and made in many different styles, from a subtler approach (such as the Flower Pattern Ruby & Diamond Bracelet in 18ct White Gold) to a bold aesthetic that will draw the eye no matter where you go (for example, the Ruby & Diamond Half Eternity Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold).
You can also buy at your convenience when you choose New Cavendish Jewellers since we offer ruby jewellery on finance.

Learn More About Our Ruby Stone Jewellery

When it comes to ruby jewellery, New Cavendish Jewellers has a vast range of options you won’t want to miss out on. We can also answer all your pressing questions about this type of jewellery or any other gemstone pieces we sell, including emerald jewellery and sapphire jewellery.
If you’re looking for a new addition to your collection, let us help you. Speak to us on 020 7487 5628 or 078 6730 7597 if you’d like to chat with us on WhatsApp, and email us at with your queries.

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