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Tissot Watches

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A Brief History of Tissot

Innovators by Tradition.

Tissot’s motto perfectly embodies the brand’s values and passion for precise craftsmanship, as well as its focus on heritage while still looking to push boundaries.

The Swiss brand was launched in 1853 in Le Locle by Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Émile Tissot, a father-son duo who initially focused on pocket watches, pendant watches and complications for the US. Just in their first year, Tissot sold around 1,200 to the area around Le Locle and, by 1858, the watchmakers were already selling Tissot Savonnette pocket watches to the Russian Empire.

Tissot has always had strong connections to the world of sports, including car racing and ice hockey, because its watches are designed with performance and accuracy in mind. In fact, Tissot has been an official timekeeper for sporting events since 1938, when it partnered with several ski races in Villars-sur-Ollon near the Jura Mountains.
Today, Tissot watches are sold in over 160 countries and its high calibre is widely recognised by watch aficionados, public figures and celebrities alike. The plus sign in the logo represents Swiss quality and reliability, as the watchmaker is known for creating pieces with advanced functionalities, meticulous design and special materials.
Tissot is part of the Swatch Group and has adorned the wrists of famous figures like Grace Kelly and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Tissot: Swiss Elegance and Precision

Paving the way when it comes to affordable luxury, Tissot watches are not just stylish, but also highly practical and durable. They're ideal companions for anyone who wishes to own a versatile everyday piece they can take everywhere, as well as for people who need a piece for their daily adventures.
From the track to the office – and everything else in-between – Tissot watches come in several different shapes and sizes, not to mention colours and materials, ensuring you’ll be spoilt for choice when purchasing your next piece.
The watchmaker was the first to create watches out of ceramic, mother-of-pearl and wood, so they’re not strangers to innovation, having also invented the first anti-magnetic watch in the world. The brand has also used plastic and stone as materials for their watches, as well as high-tech titanium and other revolutionary materials.
So, it’s fair to say that Tissot uses the latest technology, techniques and materials to create watches that are perfect for all occasions and capable of matching your lifestyle, so let us know what you’re looking for and New Cavendish Jewellers is happy to help you find it.

Tissot Watches for Ladies and Gents

At New Cavendish Jewellers, we stock several Tissot watch collections that you can’t miss out on. For example, if you cycle, run or race, you might be interested in our Tissot Sports watches, which are reliable, precise and made to the highest of standards.
You can also find many Tissot Lady watches at New Cavendish Jewellers, suitable for modern women seeking a piece that seamlessly combines a contemporary style with a classic, timeless aesthetic.
Tissot Heritage watches pay homage to the brand’s heritage, so you can find plenty of pieces here that mark special moments in Tissot’s history and that celebrate special moments, such as anniversaries and innovative landmarks.
In search of Tissot watches in the UK? We have a wide range of pieces available at our store, so explore our collections to see their different features and why they’re perfect for you – or as a gift to a loved one. We also offer Tissot watches on finance, so you can buy your own way.

Contact New Cavendish Jewellers for More Information

You can also visit us in London to try our Tissot watches and see how comfortable they fit on your wrist – and how classy and sophisticated they look!
All Tissot watches are made to stand the test of time, but you’ll be pleased to know that we offer an after-sale service if you require any repairs, adjustments or simply want to get a new strap.
We’ll answer all your questions, so get in touch on 020 7487 5628 or email us at to learn more about our Tissot watches (and the many other brands we stock). You can also reach us on WhatsApp on 078 6730 7597.
The Tissot T-Touch watch collection has witnessed an amazing technological breakthrough with its creation of its tactile watches. With the watches integrate touch screen crystal it allows you to interact with diverse functionalities.


    The Tissot T-Touch watch collection has witnessed an amazing technological breakthrough with its creation of its tactile watches. With the watches integrate touch screen crystal it allows you to interact with diverse functionalities.

    Tissot has been a pioneer of timekeeping innovation since its inception in the 1800s. The T-Sport watch collection is nothing short of evidence of the brand’s contribution to the timepiece market. T-Sport collection features an extensive range of precise.

    The Tissot T-Lady collection of watches combines elegant and feminine design with the brand’s recognisable commitment to performance and innovation. The result is a stylish collection of watches suitable for every taste, budget and occasion.

    The Tissot Heritage watch collection pays tribute to the brand’s rich history, with models designed to mark a number of significant milestones, including anniversaries and breakthrough innovations.

    The Tissot T-Classic collection showcases stylish watches with everlasting appeal. With an extensive range of models on offer, these classic Swiss timepieces are designed to suit every wrist.


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