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Be it online or in-store, New Cavendish Jewellers carries a wonderful variety of earrings set with Pearls. We specialise in earrin ...Read more
At New Cavendish Jewellers, one can find a huge variety of pendants set with Pearls in a variety of metals. As we personally curat ...Read more

Before diamonds became the go to gemstone in terms of value and stature, Pearls very much held this title. Initially, Pearls were considered precious as they were discovered within certain molluscs where an irritant had caused build up of nacre into a perfect sphere. These pearls had to be dived for and thus equated to finding sunken treasure. Today, the majority of pearls are farmed Cultured Pearls where the irritant is artificially introduced into the mollusc to farm the pearls in due course. Freshwater Pearls are also farmed but are cheaper as the actual final pearl is not perfectly spherical like Cultured Pearls. South Sea pearls are famed for their size while Tahitian Pearls are respectively lauded for both their size and their intense grey green colouring. Pearls are recognised as the birthstone for June and gemstone for 3rd & Thirtieth wedding anniversaries. Ultimately, as natural creations, Pearls are porous so must be explicitly kept away from water and perfumes as especially the latter can decay the Pearl. New Cavendish Jewellers are specialists in Pearl Jewellery offering a solid range of Pearl strings, Pearl studs, Pearl Pendants & Pearl earrings using Cultured Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, South Sea Pearls and Tahitian Pearls all set in precious metals. Browse online or visit us in-store to discover our sensational collection of Pearl Jewellery.