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At New Cavendish Jewellers, we hold a substantial variety of semi-precious jewellery, mainly using amethysts, blue topaz, citrine, peridot, tourmaline, onyx and aquamarine, amongst many others. The beauty of semi-precious gemstones is that the price points are far more economical due to a broader availability than precious stones like diamonds & sapphires. However, the colours found in these gemstones are just as intense and vivid.

What is the Benefit of Semi-Precious Jewellery?

Semi-precious gemstones tend to be exceptionally hard-wearing, so they are perfect for everyday jewellery while looking very spectacular. In addition, many of the gems found in semi-precious jewellery give a vivid colour, and for those who love wearing many colours together, these gemstones are more affordable.

Each of the gemstones has its own unique qualities and associations. You will find unique colours and a traditional association as a birthstone or wedding anniversary gemstone for each gemstone. For example, amethyst is generally very popular as the purple colour catches most people’s eyes; it is the birthstone for February and also the respective gemstone for the 6th & 17th wedding anniversaries. Blue topaz is perfect for a winter wedding, birthday or Christmas gift due to its glacial nature. It is the birthstone for November and the gemstone associated with the 4th wedding anniversary. Citrine shares the accolade of birthstone for November, but this yellow-gold quartz is ideal for 13th wedding anniversaries. Peridot is available in stunning shades of green-gold and is the birthstone for August or the wedding gemstone for your 16th year.

Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery for Every Occasion

No matter your occasion, you will find semi-precious stone jewellery to match it in our collection. The range we have to offer features jewellery set in 18ct White, Rose or Yellow gold with the chosen metal designed to complement the gemstone perfectly. We love the variety of these gemstones, the designs made when they are brought together, and the unique pieces created with a single gem.

Semi-Precious Jewellery in London

At New Cavendish Jewellers, you can find a scintillating semi-precious gemstone jewellery collection, including cocktail rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets to fit every budget and style. Once more, we offer our range of jewellery on finance so you can spread the cost over the coming months without an issue.
Browse our semi-precious stone jewellery online or visit us in-store to discover our stunning collection of semi precious jewellery.

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