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Ruby takes it name from the Latin Ruber, meaning red. However, its very colour is what has drawn man to this particular gemstone. The colour red is aggressive, denotes fire and passion as well as signals intention but above all, it is most synonymous with love. With that in mind, Ruby as a gemstone is a very obvious option to show your affection. Ruby is part of the same mineral family as Sapphires but everything red is considered Ruby while every other colour, especially blue, is labelled as a Sapphire. Rubies have been worn as exhibitions of wealth and power for centuries. At New Cavendish Jewellers, you will find an array of Ruby Jewellery, from Ruby Pendants & Ruby Earrings to Ruby Bracelets & Ruby rings. Ruby is considered to be the birthstone for July & also the gemstones respective of 15th & 40th wedding anniversaries.Our jewellery is built to last rather than meet the fashion of the moment, therefore we set our Ruby Jewellery exclusively in Platinum or 18ct White Gold , Rose Gold or Yellow Gold. Browse online or visit us in-store to discover our sensational collection of Ruby Jewellery.