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Discover a wonderful collection of Diamond set bangles and bracelets at New Cavendish Jewellers. set in 18ct White Gold and Yel...Read more


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Be it online or in-store, New Cavendish Jewellers carries a wonderful variety of Diamond earrings. We specialise in Certificate...Read more


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At New Cavendish Jewellers, one can find a huge variety of Diamond set pendants in a variety of metals. As we personally curate...Read more


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As an independent Jeweller, we carefully choose our selection of diamond rings to provide something different. Specialising in ...Read more

The name Diamond is derived from the Greek Adamas meaning unbreakable or unalterable. Diamonds are understood to be the strongest natural substance found on Earth. Despite this strength they are also the most valuable gemstone known to man due to their rarity and innate beauty once cut & polished into various shapes. Diamonds are cut to create facets and prisms that refract light entering the stone to create that sparkle and fire synonymous with this gemstone. Diamonds are considered to be the birthstone for April & also the gemstones respective of 60th & 75th wedding anniversaries. At New Cavendish Jewellers, you can find fantastic Certificated Diamonds, Diamond set Eternity Rings, Diamond Cocktail rings, Diamond Earrings, Diamond studs, Diamond Pendants and Diamond necklaces alongside dramatic Diamond line bracelets to fit every budget and style. All our Diamond jewellery is exclusively set in Platinum or 18ct White Gold , Rose Gold or Yellow Gold. Browse online or visit us in-store to discover our sensational collection of Diamond Jewellery.