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Abraham-Louis Breguet is the Father of watchmaking as we know it today. His skillset as a watchmaker was surpassed by his appreciation of aesthetics. Pocket watches at the time were creating for function. Breguet was one of the first to add a flourish to his creations for the enjoyment of the owner alongside telling the time. From a watchmaking perspective, he created many world firsts that continue to underpin the foundations of watchmaking today. Setting up as a Brand in itself as of 1775, Breguet remains one of the oldest Manufactures to have concurrently run uninterrupted since its inception.

From Breguet’s first Souscription pocket watch to the Reine de Naples, the first ever wrist watch made for the then then Queen of Naples, to arguably the most valuable watch in history; Marie Antoinette’s pocket watch – Breguet was the watchmaker to Royalty across Europe leaving an impression perhaps only Cartier comes close to in modern times. Breguet’s ingenuity and artistry put the brand above their contemporaries. Historically important, the same level of attention to detail and care is applied to all Breguet creations to this day.

In 1999, Breguet was acquired by The Swatch Group. As a personal challenge for the late Nicolas Hayek, who had already revolutionised the watch industry, he sought to return Breguet to its former glory and sit rightfully amongst the most important Brands in the watch world. Building off historic designs, faithful modern interpretations of Breguet’s iconic hallmarks, Mr. Hayek also continued to pursue Breguet’s sense of innovation. From using Silicon in movements to help durability to even adapting magnetic pivots to enhance Breguet’s early “parachute” invention, the Brand continues to bring innovation its founder would be proud of.
A major staple of Breguet is the Tourbillon. Breguet’s own invention to help regulate time keeping against the effects of gravity and one of the most complicated elements in watchmaking to create. Today, this clever complication is as important for the Brand as ever before, with continued innovation and designs. The Tourbillon sits in the Breguet Classique collection alongside other classical reference both simple and incredibly complicated. The first ever wristwatch, the Reine de Naples, enjoys its own family and is arguably the most famous of Breguet’s collections to date. The Breguet Tradition collection mirrors the original Souscription pocket watches with openwork designs and ever more complicated options. The sporty Breguet Marine selection is based on the marine chronometers used to help ships navigate before the advent of electronic instruments. Finally, the Breguet Type XX and Breguet Type XXI are built of both Breguet’s military timepieces and also his Great Grandson’s contribution to aviation.
New Cavendish Jewellers is an official retail partner for Breguet. We are proud to offer this incredible Brand to you, please visit us in-store to immerse yourself fully in the world of Breguet and discover the timepieces in the flesh. Alternatively, peruse the options at your leisure on our website and social media. Please feel free to contact us with any enquiries or questions, we look forward to assisting you in your Breguet adventure!



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