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IWC Warranty

Benefit from a 6-year extension to the standard 2-year international limited warranty

For more than 150 years, we have been proudly engineering our mechanical timepieces in the spirit of our founder, F.A. Jones, who combined the best craftsmanship and technology to make pocket watches that last generations. Every IWC watch is carefully assembled by our trained watchmakers, then rigorously inspected and tested to ensure it meets our exacting requirements concerning quality and precision.

Register now and become a member of My IWC and benefit from a 6-year extension to our standard 2-year International Limited Warranty. As a member, you will also receive useful tips on how to care for your watch, and always be the first to get important news from IWC Schaffhausen.

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IWC Warranty

Maintenance of your IWC Timepiece

The extra six years warranty now on offer from IWC pays true testament to the skill & dedication that goes into producing these extraordinary timepieces. However, like any good mechanical item, these watches will require regular maintenance to ensure their good working for generations to come.

We recommend a mechanical watch be serviced approximately every five years. During this process, the entire movement is taken apart, cleaned, lubricated and regulated again wherever necessary.

The master watchmakers reassemble the movement by hand and the case, bracelet & clasp are polished. This polish removes surface abrasions but nothing deeper that may alter the actual dimensions of the case and bracelet.

We can facilitate your IWC watch being returned to the official After Sales platform to be worked upon by qualified Watchmakers and in turn receive the official IWC warranty.

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IWC Warranty

IWC Watch Straps & Bracelets

IWC offer a variety of watch straps & bracelet that may be interchanged between their models. From colourful alligator straps to cool NATO style straps, an excellent selection are available that can change the look of your IWC.

A number of models can also have steel or titanium bracelets added at a later stage. These bracelets can be purchased separately.

We hold an excellent selection of IWC watch straps in-store but we can also order virtually anything that is produced by the Brand.

Our Watchmaker can organise the change of any strap, usually while you wait & peruse the rest of the IWC collection!

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