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The Ronde de Cartier family fulfil its name in offering a moremass appeal round watch that still incorporates traits that make it instantaneously recognisable as a Cartier timepiece. Incorporating the entry level ronde Solo de Cartier, the precious metal only Ronde Louis Cartier and the brand new sportier option in the Ronde Croisiere de Cartier. Each member of the Ronde de Cartier family captures a different element of the Brand's personality. The Ronde Solo de Cartier is a partner to their Tank Solo collection creating an entry level option to attract a new audience to the world of Cartier while the Ronde Louis Cartier, exclusively delivered in precious metals, caters to those already familiar with high end designs from Cartier. The latest creation, Ronde Croisiere (meaning Cruise) is designed to be a dress down watch with canvas sports strap and bezel design reminiscent of classic dive watches. There is something for everyone within the Ronde de Cartier collection.