Best Wedding Watches for Grooms

Best Wedding Watches for Grooms

Your wedding day is going to be the best day of your life. While the stress leading up to the big day can be a lot for the bride and groom, it will all pay off in the end. That momentous day you say “I do” to the love of your life and start the next chapter together will be amazing.

Getting each other a wedding day gift has become customary in the western world, and we love the additional thought that goes into the gift exchange. While some couples may not choose to partake, others will want to get something meaningful that can be cherished for many years or even offer some value down the line to pass on to children or grandchildren in the future.

Watches for Grooms

A luxury timepiece is a perfect gift for your groom on his wedding day. It’s something he can pair with his suit on the day itself and for many years to come for special occasions.

The right watch could be used as a daily reminder of the best day of his life, and some pieces have engraving options so you could add the date of the big day too.


With a watch being such a special gift, it’ll hold a lot of sentimental value. Watches are often passed on to children and grandchildren later in life, and this would be a brilliant way for them to remember just how much you and your loved one mean to one another.

Finding the Best Watch For Your Groom

We know how busy the time leading up to the big day is, so to help, we’ve compiled a few of our best wedding watches for grooms, giving you an option to suit various budgets and styles. What’s more, these are all watches on finance, so you can help spread the cost past the wedding day if your big day budget has already been depleted. Read on to choose the one that will match your husband-to-be’s personality. 

Cartier Watches for Weddings

Cartier is known for its impressive collection of elegant timepieces. They stand the test of time like any marriage should, with their quality manufacturing and style.

The most apparent selection if you are looking for a Cartier watch for your groom is the Tank collection. This range was inspired by the military tanks Louis Cartier saw in France during the First World War and is one of the most iconic rectangular watches. Tank Louis Cartier watches are said to be the most crucial Tank variation and have adorned the wrists of celebrities and fashion icons for years. The collection is named after the founder himself and continues to be a staple of the horological family. The Tank Louis Cartier Large model would be perfect for a statement wedding day gift.

Of course, there are so many variations of the Tank that you can choose another if the Louis Cartier doesn’t suit your partner's taste. They are all as iconic as each other and stand out as timeless pieces that you can cherish forever. What’s more, you could choose one of the Tank models for your partner and treat yourself to a matching ladies Cartier Tank Francaise watch, which are just as beautiful, and just as iconic.

Jaeger-Lecoultre Watches for Grooms

Swiss watchmaker Jeager-Lecoultre has a deep-rooted history of providing handsome high-performance watches. So it's no wonder they make the cut for our best wedding day watches.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series is arguably one of the world's most Art Deco and fascinating watches. It was created in 1931 to withstand the rigours of a polo match and was innovative of its time, remaining so to this day. It’s a piece made from over 50 individual components and has evolved as time goes on to offer styles that match the modern-day without losing sight of what it was at day one. The case can be flipped over to protect the face of the watch from damage. However, it sits so flush in the cradle that you wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance.

Moreover, due to the straightforward, blank canvas on the caseback, you have ample space for engraving and personalisation, with people even opting for a miniature painting to express their love. What else could you want from a watch for your loved one?

IWC Portugieser Watches

A quick search online for the IWC Schaffhausen Portugieser watch brings up a variety of Reddit threads about this being the perfect wedding gift from significant others or the ideal accompaniment to the wedding attire on the day. And we couldn’t agree more.

This collection has been around since the end of the 1930s. It was designed for the Portuguese market, where men were looking for all the style and sophistication of a wristwatch with the precision of a pocket watch. It was then known as the Mod.228, renamed to the Portuguese later and finally became the Portugieser in 2015. However, as much as the name has changed – the watch remains one of the most elegant, sophisticated sports watches money can buy.

Its defining characteristics include Art Deco-style numerals, slim feuille hands and a railway track chapter ring. You can opt for a simple yet beautiful standard timepiece with a single subdial or pieces like the IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar, which features four subdials for the date, day, month, year and perpetual moon phase.

These are some of the most elegant and beautiful watches we know a true gentleman would love to receive on his wedding day to cherish forever. Suppose you are looking for the best wedding watch for your groom, and none of these options feels right. In that case, you can browse our selection of stunning luxury watches online or visit our Marylebone High Street Boutique, where our team would be happy to help you find the perfect watch for your perfect man.