The Top 5 Cartier Watches

Cartier is an internationally renowned luxury watch brand that even non-watch enthusiasts admire for their outstanding designs. This French brand offers a vast collection of elegant watches that are immediately recognisable as elite, luxury timepieces. As official and authorised retail partners for Cartier timepieces, we take great pride in our collection of the best luxury watches for our customers, including the top five Cartier watches below.


1. Santos De Cartier

The Santos De Cartier large model was initially designed to fulfil the wish of a famous Brazillian aviator, Alberto Santos Dumont. This pioneer in early aviation requested a timepiece that could be viewed whilst in flight, as opposed to the popular pocket watches of the time. This led his friend, Louise Cartier, to create one of the first wristwatches in 1904.

The rose gold case has a seven-sided crown set with a Faceted Sapphire. This modern interpretation has a water resistance of up to 100m, the date and an opaline silver dial with Roman numerals. Whilst this model is made with modern techniques and materials, the initial design is relatively unchanged and provides watch enthusiasts with an elegant remembrance of history.



2. Cartier Tank Louis

This quartz Cartier Tank Louis model is a perfect statement piece for any event. The Cartier Tank range has been an iconic addition for fashion icons for decades thanks to its quality over quantity design staple. The original Tank watch was created in 1917 as a gift to General Persing, a senior officer in the American Expeditionary forces in World War 1. Later this model was introduced to the public market, and another legendary watch was born.

Today’s version has an 18ct yellow gold case with a quartz movement and can resist water up to 30m. On the side is a beaded crown set with a Sapphire, whilst the whole piece is comfortable worn thanks to its dark grey alligator leather strap. The clean, crisp lines of the dial and face have helped make this watch easily identifiable whilst conveying a subtle sense of class.







3. Cartier Panthere Watches

This single piece was so influential in its design that it inspired an entire collection. These Cartier Panthere watches were initially created as recently as the 1980s, but the styles of the 1930s heavily inspire their designs. This relatively new addition to Cartier collections has already become a massive success, with its popularity growing far faster than some alternate collections.

This specific example is the flagship piece, the Panthere de Cartier medium model, which combines the accessory requirements of being both statement jewellery and an outstanding timepiece. This distinctive design has a rose gold and steel case set with a border of brilliant-cut Diamonds. The reliable quartz movement sits under a water-resistant silver dial up to 30m.







4. Ballon Bleu De Cartier

Similar to the Penthere model, this watch is also available in various designs to suit any customer’s style. The Ballon Blue De Cartier watches are aimed to meet the accessory needs of both genders. This unisex luxury watch has a silver and Guilloche dial, a stainless steel case, and a rose gold bezel. Additionally, a Sapphire cabochon is discreetly nestled on the side of this automatic watch to add flourish to the design. With the convex curves of the case, sword-shaped hands, and polished or satin-finish links of the bracelet. Additionally, the Ballon Bleu watch by Cartier floats through the world of Cartier watchmaking.










5. Coussin De Cartier

This unique piece is the Coussin De Cartier medium model.

A mixture of 120 Tourmalines and 56 Tsavorites creates an elegant border around the yellow gold case of this luxury watch. The internal quartz movement is protected by a yellow dial and crown set with an additional 280 brilliant-cut diamonds. This watch is an outstanding statement piece that combines innovative design with modern art creativity to create a watch unlike any other.


Why Choose a Cartier Watch?

There are many reasons to add Cartier watches to your collection. Cartier has been manufacturing the finest timepieces for centuries; since 1847, this watchmaker has ensured that customers receive outstanding creative designs surrounding reliable movements due to their artisan’s extensive experience. A Cartier watch is not only a luxury watch but a status symbol for the owner’s desire to take pride in their wardrobe and accompanying accessories.

Thanks to their long history of success in creating outstanding timepieces, Cartier is a brand that can be relied upon only to offer the finest quality watches. Their artisans ensure every detail is attended to, from their materials to their movements and the wrist band to create a perfect final product. This attention to detail supports their centuries of innovative designs that result in iconic pieces like those mentioned here. Cartier watches also provide highly functional watch designs not limited to a single dial of minutes and hours. Many pieces will have additional elements such as the date, chronographs, tourbillons and even moon phases.


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