Why Has Diamond Jewellery Been Popular for Centuries?

Spring is finally showing. The sun shines brighter with winter far behind, and people look forward to their upcoming summer holidays. A gift of jewellery with this beloved gemstone is a wonderful way to make a lasting impression.

We will explore the many facets of the diamond, including its history, symbolism, and how to care for it. Diamond jewellery is an excellent option to add a touch of sparkle to your or your loved one's life.

The History Behind the Diamond

The diamond has a long and storied history. Its name comes from the Greek word "adamas," which means "invincible" or "unconquerable," signifying its incredible strength and hardness. The diamond symbolises strength, clarity, and beauty, traits that have ensured its position as one of the most popular gemstones in the world for centuries.

Diamonds have been highly valued for generations due to their rarity, beauty, and symbolism. These precious stones were first discovered in India more than 3,000 years ago. During the Middle Ages, diamonds were thought to hold magical powers and were often used in religious ceremonies and worn as amulets. In addition, they have been used to adorn crowns and other regalia and are often given as a symbol of love and commitment.

Diamonds for Special Occasions

Diamonds are also associated with specific parts of our lives, such as birthdays and significant life events, and it is also the traditional stone for the 60th wedding anniversary.

These wonderful gemstones are often given as gifts to celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries, engagements, and graduations. They are also popularly used as the focal point of many jewellery pieces and are known for their ability to hold their value over time. With their stunning brilliance and exquisite beauty, it is no wonder why diamonds are so highly prized.

The Beauty of a Diamond

Being the hardest natural material in the world, it is composed of pure carbon atoms arranged in an extremely strong and stable lattice structure. It is also one of the most valuable gemstones, symbolising wealth and success.

Diamonds are also known for their intense sparkle and brilliance caused by their ability to refract light. In addition, it symbolises strength and resilience, making it the perfect gemstone to embody these traits. It measures a ten on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it is virtually impossible to scratch or damage. The MOHs scale is a qualitative scale that ranges from one to ten. It was introduced in 1812 by Friedrich Mohs as a way of dictating the resistance of specific gemstones and other materials. Here are some examples of our popular range of diamond jewellery.


This brick link diamond set bracelet is a stunning piece that gently merges elements to provide the owner with miniature rows of gems set in white gold. Coming to 3.78CT, these brilliant-cut diamonds will be a wonderful accessory during the upcoming summer months as they are perfectly placed to catch the light from any angle. Available for £4,500.00 from our online store.



This diamond engagement ring contains certified, polished diamonds surrounding the ring's perimeter. This beautiful collection is just the start, as the centre brilliant cut diamond is an outstanding gem designed to take the breath away from the loved one you intend to gift it to. This engagement ring totals 1.22CT and can be purchased online or at our store in London for £13,995.00.




Maintaining a Diamond

To keep a diamond pristine, it should be cleaned with a soft brush and mild soap. As with all jewellery pieces, they should be stored in a soft cloth to prevent scratches. When wearing a diamond, it should be protected from harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. A diamond should also be checked periodically by a professional jeweller to ensure that it is securely set in its mount and that no damage has occurred. With proper care, a diamond can last a lifetime.

The April Birthstone

Diamond is the official gemstone for April due to its symbolism and meaning. Diamonds are thought to symbolise strength, courage, and the power of love, which makes them the perfect gemstone for April. It is also the hardest gemstone, symbolising the strength and power of the April birth month. In addition to being the April birthstone, diamonds are often used in engagement rings, wedding bands, and other unique jewellery for significant occasions. Diamonds come in various colours, shapes, and sizes, making them easy to customise for any April birthday.


Diamond Jewellery at New Cavendish Jewellery

At New Cavendish Jewellers, we specialise in the origins of jewellery, none more so than the history of the different gemstones. If you're searching for the perfect piece of diamond jewellery, we have an extensive range available. Speak to us if you'd like to learn more! You can also view our other jewellery collections, such as ruby, sapphire, semi-precious, and pearl jewellery.