Top Things You Should Know About Panerai Watches

Top Things You Should Know About Panerai Watches

Panerai was launched in 1860 in Florence, Italy, with a good reputation for manufacturing large-faced watches that make a statement on the wrist – over the years, the watchmaker has also diversified its offerings to include timepieces with complications and high-end materials.

Many celebrities and public figures are fans of Panerai watches, including Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis, so if you're also interested in this Italian brand, take a look at what makes it so special!

Panerai's Luminescence

Panerai has a long history of manufacturing luminescent watches, but the first timepieces they created with this innovative technology were radium-based, meaning they were actually dangerous. This watchmaker wasn't the only one using radium-based paint for its watches, as others like Rolex and OMEGA also did it, but now we know better.

The watches produced at the time are still radioactive today because radium has a long half-life, but Panerai's modern luminescent indexes (which make the dials easy to read at a glimpse and in adverse conditions) are made from safe materials!

Panerai Radiomir watches, which are diving pieces for both professional and amateur explorers, use 'luminor', the brand's own tritium-based substance.

Other collections, such as the Panerai Luminor, also use this material – ask us any questions you may have about the watches we stock at New Cavendish Jewellers. We'll be happy to help you choose your new piece.


Panerai Uses Innovative Materials

The Italian brand is also known for its use of high-end and high-tech materials and, of course, its pioneering spirit, which includes the use of innovative materials like plexiglass – this was used back in the 1930s when the material was still seen as revolutionary.

Divers needed timepieces that wouldn't break no matter what, so while glass could shatter easily, plexiglass didn't break easily (and was a lot more scratch-resistant), which was hugely beneficial at the time.

Today, Panerai uses materials like carbotechTM (based on carbon fibre and offering a high degree of technical performance) and ceramica (which provides a matte finish and hardness up to five times greater than stainless steel). Other materials the brand uses are a little more conventional and include bronze, steel, platinum and gold.

Panerai's Long-Lasting Movement

Another thing to know about Panerai is that the watchmaker has manufactured the ground-breaking calibre P.3001/C that can run for half a century without servicing.

This unlubricated movement is part of the Panerai Lab-ID Luminor Carbotech, a watch launched at SIHH in 2017. It also showcases the brand's innovative design, since Panerai only kept conventional jewels at four key points in the movement.

The Paneristi

Many luxury brands have dedicated followers and fans who love to get together and discuss a watchmaker's new release or its technical expertise, for instance. Panerai is no different.

In 2000, Panerai collectors created a community that allows fans to debate Panerai watches, talk about the materials the watchmaker uses, discuss the latest news, and so much more.

This is, perhaps, one of the largest fan forums in the world when it comes to luxury watch brands, so, if you choose a Panerai piece as your new favourite watch, you can rest assured that you'll be surrounded by like-minded people who can't wait to hear all about it.

Panerai's Diverse Collections

Watch enthusiasts will be happy to know that Panerai has been able to create a vast catalogue of watches since its launch in 1860 and, now, offers more than 20 movements developed in-house.

With over two hundred watch models available in different sizes and materials, it's clear that this brand is versatile, flexible and diverse – allowing you to find the piece that perfectly matches your preferences and lifestyle.

Panerai's collections include the Luminor and the Radiomir as mentioned above, but also the Panerai Luminor Due, elegant – and dressier – pieces that can elevate any outfit, and the Panerai Submersible, rugged watches with water-resistance of up to 300 metres and perfect for adventurous gents who seek the perfect combination of style and function.

With such a varied range of timepieces available, the difficult part will be to narrow down your choices and select the right watch for you. We can help at New Cavendish Jewellers, so call us on 020 7487 5628 for more information.

Panerai Watches Undergo Rigorous Testing

Many Panerai watches are still designed for divers, so it's not surprising that every piece the watchmaker creates is put through rigorous testing to ensure quality, safety and performance. Tests include exposure to artificial seawater and chemicals, which allows the brand to see how the watches behave and how they're affected.

Panerai also uses a sophisticated machine to perform the 'water drop' test, which consists of heating the watch case and dropping cold water on it to make sure the protective crystal can do its job well.

Let us help you find your next Panerai watch here at New Cavendish Jewellers. With so many models to choose from – and a rich history behind the brand – we're confident you'll love our selection and pick a Panerai piece that will last for a long time and will exceed your expectations when it comes to performance.