Why Buy a Panerai Watch?

Owning a luxury watch is an exciting experience, whether you purchased it yourself, it was a gift from a loved one, or you’re lucky enough to own a family heirloom. Many people have a watch solely for aesthetic reasons. Perhaps you found the perfect one to go with your formal attire for a special event, or there was a strap you loved the look of.

However, watch enthusiasts will often choose their timepiece based on whether it will hold its value if they intend to keep it in the family or sell it in the future. Certain brands and specific qualities hold their value better than others, which is why, if you’re interested in this factor, it’s always best to do your research before purchasing.

To help you out, we’re looking at Panerai watches and discussing which pieces hold their value best.

A Short Introduction to Panerai

The Florence-established brand first came onto the watchmaking scene in 1860, when its pioneer Giovanni Panerai opened a watch shop and workshop. It wasn’t long before Panerai became a big name in the world of watches when they partnered with the Italian military, supplying them with their specialist timepieces.

In addition, the brains behind the brand were also working on perfecting their diving watches, expanding their expertise and allowing Panerai to provide more of its products to the military.

Panerai has since taken watch enthusiasts by storm by continuing to not only perfect their original designs but expand on their ranges and offer more to a wider range of people. For example, Panerai Submersible watches are an advancement of their original diving watches but have been improved and expanded to suit a broader audience.

Some of their ranges hold more value than others, and some specific pieces, in particular, are much more likely to hold their value as time goes on. But to understand this, we first need to look into what qualities make a watch more valuable in the eyes of watch experts.

What Makes a Watch Hold Its Value

To many, watches are much more than an accessory; they are an investment. It isn’t uncommon for items like cars to immediately decrease in value once purchased. So, when purchasing a luxury timepiece with a high price tag, it can be a worry for some that its value will drop, and they will no longer be able to sell or pass it down with anywhere near as much value as the purchase price.

There are various factors about a watch that you can look out for to help understand whether it will hold its value in time. Here are some examples:

  • Unique or distinctive design
  • Rarities, such as limited edition or one-off pieces
  • Widely sought-after items
  • Pieces or brands endorsed by celebrities
  • Watches that have been featured in movies or TV shows
  • Timeless brands

One of the brands known for holding its value is Panerai.

Panerai Watches at New Cavendish

We’re proud to offer our range of Panerai watches at New Cavendish and are confident watch investors will be excited to explore our collection. We have handpicked some of our Panerai watches for sale and are exploring why we believe they are sure to hold value.

The brand describes Panerai Luminor Due watches as having a contemporary elegance. They are truly timeless in design and offer an elevation to your outfit through their stunning aesthetics. This piece, in particular, is sure to hold value because of its distinctive design, with a striking red leather strap and complementary gold detailing.

Get this Panerai Luminor Due GoldtechTM Madreperla 42mm timepiece for £15,400 here at New Cavendish Jewellers, and choose a watch that will last a lifetime and beyond.

The rich history of a watch range is another factor in a timepiece holding its value for years to come. Panerai Radiomir watches have a fascinating past, so they are one of the best choices for those looking for an investment piece. Described as a “mechanical legend,” these watches were initially brought onto the market in the 1930s, as requested by The Royal Italian Navy. These impressive diving watches have since come a long way, but their past remains encapsulated in their classic design.

This Panerai Radiomir 47mm is available from New Cavendish Jewellers for £6700 or just £125.63 per month when you choose our 0% finance buying option.

Another piece to consider if looking for a watch to hold value is one from our range of Panerai Luminor watches. These timepieces are incredibly sought-after due to their impressive functionality, allowing wearers to track their diving times with reliable accuracy. Moreover, throughout the years, they have expanded the Luminor range and partnered with other brands to provide one-offs and special editions of the classic watch. This piece is the Panerai Luminor Regatta Chrono Flyback 47mm and is available from New Cavendish for £15,400 or £288.75 per month on 0% finance. It offers the sought-after Panerai design alongside Regatta countdown technology, providing wearers with a new take on this classic design.

We hope this has helped you learn more about which Panerai holds value, and you’re now ready to choose your next timepiece based on this. As well as the watches displayed here, we offer many more from both Panerai and our other luxury watch brands on our website and in our London store.

Come and visit us, or get in touch today to speak to our friendly and knowledgeable watch experts about our Panerai watches on finance.